What is an Upholstery Fabric

It is a process of creating the furnishings such as (chairs, tables etc.) using various materials and tools. In making chairs one will use stuffing, spirals, netting and textile or hide covers.

Types of the Upholstery Fabrics

Cotton furnishings textile is made up of regular cotton and cotton mixtures. The cotton mixtures are harder and stronger than cotton. To avoid it getting dirty one will have to protect it by applying a tough stain finish.
Leather (Hide)
Leather material turn to be highly priced compared to all types of other materials; however it is the strongest and is easier to clean. Unlike cotton it does not need a tough stain resistance residue; a wet cloth cleans the dirt. The only disadvantage is that during scorching weather conditions it could be unbearable.
Silk is a delicate fabric. The main use of this fabric is in making very classy furnishings with the aim of trimming. It is not ideal to be used in the furniture where there are mainly kids around. It quickly tears and get tainted; it really needs lots of care. Otherwise the feel of the material is soft and smooth; it is available in various forms of fabric tinny and heavy.
Linen is also a tough, long lasting fiber. It is available in various colours and designs. Like silk it also taints and creases quickly.  If stained it requires a professional cleaner, however it is a better option than silk.
This type of material is artificial but strong, long lasting and does not crease in the long run. It is available in various colours, stress-free. It is child friendly.
This type of material is new in the fabric industry. It is made out of smooth fabrics intertwined together. It kind of has a velvet and suede touch. It is considered to be very strong and long-lasting and much easier to clean.
Velvet is easy-going material and has been in existence for approximately 4000 years, extravagant form of textile.