Whale Shark Diving In Mozambique

Whale shark diving in Mozambique is one of the most popular activities undertaken by visitors to this African paradise. This activity is described by many as magical, serene and absolutely thrilling. Whale shark diving in Mozambique is quite safe and can be enjoyed by all levels of divers quite comfortably.
Whale sharks are huge sharks that are usually about 10m in length. They have wide flat heads with a mouth of about 1.5m wide. You should not let the size of this creature fool you though. They are the only species of shark that is a filter feeder. This means that the shark’s diet consists mainly of plankton.  
These gentle giants can be spotted quite easily in the waters around Mozambique. They usually frequent the area in the later months of the year. Human divers find them to be quite gentle and accommodating as they will occasionally let a diver “catch a ride”. They do not pose any threat to divers. However, these gentle beasts may accidentally bump you with their massive tails and this is why it is generally advisable to observe these amazing creatures from a reasonable distance.
While these whale sharks may be large, they are also easily scared. Dive tour conductors should brief you on how to act when whale shark diving in Mozambique before you embark on the excursion. If the whale shark does feel threatened by the divers then they will dive deeper into the warms waters in order to put some distance between themselves and the divers.
There are many other shark species and interesting marine life in general that can be spotted while shark diving in Mozambique. These include bull sharks, hammerhead sharks, manta rays, green turtles and dolphins. The clear waters of the warm Indian Ocean also mean that you should have constant perfect visibility conditions. This makes for amazing photo opportunities so be sure to take an underwater camera along with you on your dive. Whale shark diving tours can be arranged with any of the many diving lodges and companies operating in Mozambique.