The Need for Good Roof Insulation

People like to assume that because South Africa is obviously part of Africa and Africa is known is known as a very hot place that insulation is not needed. This error is easily fixed by spending a winter on the Highveld or in Cape Town. After just a few nights, the need for good roof insulation becomes very clear and very obvious.  

Roof insulation in many parts of south Africa is not a luxury option but a necessity that the climate dictates, because while the days are often very clear in winter, the nights can be very cold and this is where the roof insulation comes in; roof insulation does many good things in the home. First of all good roof insulation makes the roof effective because it stops leaks when it rains, and every person who has had to deal with a leaky roof knows just how irritating it is, and secondly roof insulation keeps the temperature steady in the home so all that yummy heat which the fire place or heater is generating is kept inside and does not just vanish through the roof.  
This is why shacks are so cold: the material that they are built with does really provide any insulation from the cold, in terms of walls, while the complete absence of roof insulation means that every single bit of heat is lost and also means that every breeze is felt and every time it rains the folk inside get really wet.  

When a home has good roof insulation, all it takes a small heat source to turn that house into snug and cosy place to be. This means that when you step into your home from the cold, you do not need to keep your personal insulation on. So many people in the north of the world take the simple act of being able to remove your cat as soon as you enter a home, for granted, they do not realise how lucky they are to all have good roof insulation at work for them. People in South Africa have long ago realised just how important roof insulation is and how much they really do need it.